Ode to sunrises and sunsets

sunrise, sunset

This short poem was written with the
help of three children aged 9, 11 and
15 and is a reminder to take time to
‘smell the roses’ and see some sunrises
and sunsets.

Sunrises and sunsets are such a gift
There for us every single day
Though they often go unnoticed
To many of us, I dare say

The little things in life are what matter
As we grow older, we see this more
Sunrises and sunsets are two of these
That we get a lifetime to explore

I can’t exactly pinpoint when I first
realized they are part of THE source
That they shed light around and within us
It’s so powerful but never with any force

I can remember in Israel at 16 climbing
Masada mountain to its top
Early in the morning before sunrise
Seeing the sun rising, starting with a drop

Then in Texas, I remember climbing Mount
Bonnell with uni friends
We listened to music all night until the sun rose
And it began to become a trend

I was drawn to its splendor
Its mystery and delight
Each time a new blessing
Full of power and might

It’s a constant process to see the light within
And we need a daily dose
If we don’t realise its potential
We can often feel quite morose

I’ve seen many more sunsets than sunrises
For reasons that are about time
Waking up is often a challenge
But it’s worth it to see the shine

Sunrises and sunsets
Have a lifetime guarantee
And the best things about them
Is they're absolutely free

Recently in South and North America with many loved ones
Seeing the sun (and even the moon) rise
I feel connected back to the source
I’m so grateful to be alive.


Deb Roberts