"Deb Roberts is an insightful, skilled and compassionate teacher. In her course my staff were guided through a series of self-care lectures. Each providing them with techniques to support them in times of stress so they are better enabled to support others in their care. The course facilitated open and honest group discussions which I believe has strengthened our team. I would recommend Deb Robert’s SOS-Care program to any principal looking to support his or her staff navigate the pressures of our modern lives.”

Anny Lawrence, Principal, Brighton Primary

"Deb Roberts program reminded us that we do not need to seek permission from ourselves or others to look after our needs, mentally, physically and spiritually. Deb is knowledgeable in the field of self-care and intuitive in her practice. I would not hesitate to recommend Deb to work with individuals, teams or whole staff on ways to support ourselves in our busy personal and professional lives." 

Sonya BRANCA, Assistant Principal, Brighton Primary School

"Deb Roberts is someone who is driven to challenge the stigma of mental health issues.  She comes to this mission with both an academic background and lived experience which makes her uniquely capable of understanding, supporting and enabling others to accept themselves fully. Deb is extremely intelligent and well studied in the understanding of the mind body connection, through her academic training, teaching yoga for many years to both adults and children and her extensive personal journey of self discovery and understanding of mental health.   Deb's motivation is always one of supporting and helping others in a non judgemental way, she is an amazing listener and enables others to feel at ease to share their vulnerabilities in a safe and supportive way."

Sandy Hutchison, Founder & CEO, Career Money Life

"I’ve had the privilege of knowing Deb Roberts for a few years, including as a passionate volunteer for Orygen youth mental health. Deb is extremely genuine, caring, qualified and hard working. Deb’s goal to encourage conversations around mental health is an important step for how we do more to help people with mental ill-health."

Dan Kneipp, Director Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

"When I heard Deb Roberts was launching SOS-Care I was excited as I believe this work is desperately needed right now. We all desperately need a place where the journey to well-being can be named and maintained. With so much information out there a program and digital portal that promotes this is a real asset.

Deb has both the practical knowledge, through her work with more than 60 schools, and the research through her doctoral work to make a true difference."

Kamal Sarma, Director, Rezilium The Art of Human Leadership

"A huge commitment to research and practice underpins Deb Robert’s programs.  Her work comes from a place of high integrity, wisdom and heartfulness.  She shares her passion in every class."

Janet Etty-Leal, Director, Meditation Capsules