Reflect, re-evaluate, recenter and resume

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Some of us set intentions each day, month or year.  Some of us don’t. It’s an individual choice, however I consider it vital for maintaining personal success and well-being. 

Setting intentions and personal goals can be very refreshing and empowering. If we are honest with the intentions we create and allow for some flexibility, due to the inevitable ebb and flow of life, I find that it is very likely we will attain them.  It is often when we are too hard on ourselves that we stray off course from achieving our goals.

Being 45 years old gives me a certain life perspective.  I’m old enough to have lived through many phases of ‘ups and downs and in-betweens’, both personally and professionally -I also feel young enough to be and do most anything…within reason.

It was from this position that I set my own New Year’s intentions:

1.     Be authentic

2.     Seek my truth

3.     Be present

4.     Don’t gossip

5.     Establish boundaries for myself and with others

6.     Enjoy the ride and remember to look up

Now a month later, as I settle back into my children’s school routines and my daily family and professional obligations, I find myself reflecting on them again.  

What has transpired?

I’ve spent my mornings this past month with my four legged friend Sparky by the sea. I’ve spent lots of time with my boisterous sons and steadfast husband, and enjoyed many wonderful times with family and friends. I’ve read books, eaten well, joined my son in his fitness training, strummed the guitar and even wrote my first lyrics to a song which a family friend has put to music.  Gosh it’s been fun!

This past month I’ve also faced some challenges.  I’ve had a phase of insomnia having recently ceased some medication, I’ve had an iron infusion due to my levels being very low and I’ve been confronted by daily happenings to loved ones near and afar and news around the world which bring heartache.

And so as I do my daily morning yoga rituals, I reflect and renew my vow to honor my intentions.  At the end of the day I check in with where I’m at and whether I did or did not live up to them.  

Some days I feel I meet my New Year’s intentions ‘wholeheartedly’ (as Brené Brown would say) and other days I don’t, but I consider that human.  I try to practice self-acceptance and not to be hard on myself. 

If you have set New Year’s intentions, I encourage you to reflect on them and your progress regularly to stay on course and see what emerges. Meet your intentions with your whole heart, and be kind to yourself when life gets in the way.

Reflect, re-evaluate. recenter and resume your inner work and live up to your potential. 

Until next time, Deb xo




Deb Roberts