Poem - Life's Breeze


Allowing life to unfold 
Is not an easy task
I often wake up feeling a lack
And then feel the need to put on a mask

Yet I want to be genuine
Be true to who I am
Sharing with others the reality
Of any problems at hand

For we all have challenges
Amidst our natural positive light
Acknowledging its presence 
Is standing up for the fight

When we seek care from others
And give our own self-care 
We need not shy from its existence 
It is only being fair

How do we provide for ourselves
Day in and day out
Giving a break where we need it
Without much of a pout

Enduring the moment
With whatever comes our way 
We are able to get through it
No matter what is in store for that day

Being honest with ourselves 
Is no small feat
Being honest to others 
Is how we can truly meet

Enjoy the way life flows
For we have no other choice 
We can make it easy or difficult 
It starts with our own voice

Declare how it feels 
To join humanity's path
It’s not a race to the finish
And even better with a laugh

Taking ourselves less seriously
Is one way to get through 
Sharing what we think and feel 
With whomever we deem a worthy crew

Take notice of what is good
For the negative can easily weigh in
Enjoy the moments where you can
No matter where your life has been!


Deb Roberts 2019

Deb Roberts