Emergency Tool Kit

We all need tips and tools to help us through the tough times, whether it be illness, exams or a relationship breakdown.

*if you NEED IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE CALL 13 11 14  www.lifeline.org.au

TIPS FOR being your best

  • be yourself, don't compare yourself to others
  • don't fool yourself into thinking you are more or less than others
  • acknowledge what truly makes you happy
  • eat and sleep right for you

tips for study focus

  • study in pleasant, uncluttered surrounds
  • take regular breaks and move your body
  • set goals
  • celebrate wins
  • find a coach or study partner who helps you achieve

tips for panic attacks

  • remember it will pass
  • know many people experience them
  • try controlled breathing by counting your breathe out (1-2-3-4) and in (1-2-3)
  • get out into nature, take your shoes off, sit under an old tree, smell a flower