Thank you


Today's blog post is a  poetic reflection on being thankful and on mindfulness. I hope you enjoy it.

Be kind to one another,



Thank you


‘Tatenda’ is a woman I met whose name means ‘thank you’ in Zimbabwean

It is the mantra I go to bed with this evening

As the day has moved through the ups and downs (and in-betweens)

It has all contributed to iife’s meaning


It is short and sweet but so much to convey

Yet sometimes words can’t explain

What self-worthiness signifies

There are so many variables to name


There may not be concrete answers to life’s hidden meaning

We have joy and light as well as heaviness and sadness

It is what perpetuates that matters

Whether we are uplifted or go into madness


Judgment is manifested when in different states of mind

We can take it on at times or leave it behind

It’s judgment that leads to distraction and misery

Regardless, it’s certainly no way to be kind


Tonight I go to bed with an uplifted heart

There’s been ebbs and flows through the day

This normality we all need to acknowledge

And be sure to assert what we want to say


Failing at anything needs a new paradigm

I wish I had learned it was a gift

Though in my youth it was frowned upon

And was definitely the opposite of a lift

We learn so much from the simple things in life

We so often overlook a leaf, gesture, sign post

When we are caught up in our minds

Is when we often need it most


Being mindful is a practice not to perfect

It is one to respect

Not being in the past

or the future






Deb Roberts