Challenges in sitting with sadness in life

Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well.

I've was having a hard week and wrote this poem as a way to explore my thoughts. I find writing always helps me to connect with my mind, body and spirit and I try to do it as much as possible along with yoga and spending time with my family - as all of these things me feel happier and lighter.

I hope you enjoy this poem and find it helpful when reflecting on your on needs. (If it upsets you, please stop reading and go and do something that makes you smile.)

Please also share it with anyone you think may enjoy it, or benefit from it this week, and let them know about the SOS-Care mission which aims to normalise discussions about mental health and well-being with young adults and school communities.

Be kind to each other,


Challenges in sitting with sadness in life

Trigger Warning: Mental Health

My sadness is vast
More vast than the eyes can see
It’s an inner void
That has multiple roots like a tree

Where did this come from
I explore it at length
My mind is cluttered
I just want to have more strength

I have a family who loves me
Friends that care
Though the inner turmoil
Has lead to more despair

I don’t know if its relevant
To delve into so much
Though I don’t know what else to do
So this writing I do as such

Everything is an interpretation
There is not one truth
We all have various lenses
It started in our early youth
There’s always more to an event
Than meets the natural eye
I need a broader view
So I don’t live with self loathing lies

Feelings of fear, sadness and desperation
Are what I live with today
Can I somehow find trust
In something or some way

I look for the light
And its barely peaking out
I am sitting in sadness
May a new dawn come about

If you or anyone you know are experiencing a crisis please contact Life Line a national charity providing all Australians with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Call 13 11 14 /










    Deb Roberts